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Prayer Topics


This area of the website is in four sections - prayers for healing, prayer aids, prayers for work, and outward focused prayer.


prayers for healing


Being a parent with a poorly child can be a distressing experience, especially if your son or daughter is seriously ill. Gathered together on this page are a series of prayers which may help you, including a modern prayer for healing. Also in this section is a page devoted to praying for good health, and several pages to help with overcoming challenges in life such as addictions. loneliness and fear.


prayer aids


A great way to develop your walk with God is by starting to keep a prayer journal. This page explores the different creative ways of keeping such a diary, and offers ideas of what to include, such as prayer requests, favourite bible verses and quotes from Christian sermons that are worth keeping and meditating or acting on.

Are you moving house? If so you might want to consider a house prayer blessing. This page features lots of creative ideas for blessing your new home, as well as prayers from the Catholic and Celtic traditions.


work prayers


This section covers a number of aspects associated with work. Are you currently unemployed and seeking God for a new job? If so these prayers may help you now, and this page may be useful if you are seeking direction in life. There is also a page with a prayer for those about to attend a job interview, together with a meditation on God's peace. Are you currently self-employed or run your own business? If so this simple, short prayer for success in business may be helpful.


outward focused prayer


The Apostle Paul encourages believers to "be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints." (Eph 6:18, NIV) . This section offers a number of resources for where prayer is focused on other people, countries or situations. The intercession page covers topics such as prayers for healing, justice and peace. Also in this section is a guide to prayer and fasting, with teaching videos and practical tips and ideas. Although not strictly speaking "outward focused", praying in the spirit is also included here, as this kind of encounter with God can often naturally lead into praying for other people or topical events.




how to pray to god
with prayers for strength, guidance, peace etc.


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featuring the serenity prayer, celtic prayers, psalm 23 etc.


prayers for healing
also featuring prayers for intercession, fasting & work


prayers for children
with school prayers & prayers for family, students, friends.


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morning & evening prayer, easter and thanksgiving etc


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lord's prayer versions line-by-line commentary sermons & interpretations


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