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Description: End times prophecy, Evangelism,Bible Study, Current events compared to prophecy, Includes a kid's page(10-16) Daily updates.
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2013-11-11 01:46:58
, “If you want to know how you are doing in your spiradiadtual growth, ask youradself two quesadtions. bfHow am I hanaddling fear and how am I hanaddling anger?” With anger I have lernead a few imporadtant details (among othaders).. The greatadest spiradiadtual gifts for hanaddling anger are self-control and underadstandading. We need self-control in order to not react from our first impulse which will usuadally injure the other peradson with an awful look or comadment which would degrade, embarace or hurt the other peradson makading the sitaduadaadtion worse. Underadstandading is neceadsarry to process the fealading of anger. The way to process anger is to, first, admit to ouradselves that we feel anger; then ask ouradselves, “Why am I angry? What exactly is the issue at hand?” Finally, let the reaadson work to try to underadstand the other peradson or the sitaduadaadtion which is makading you angry. Feeladings need to be processed by the mind so that a reaadsonadable action can be taken. This is often the great probadlem in our lives in overadcomadming probadlems in famadily life. Someadbody makes a harsh comadment and the other (or othaders) begin to add in to the negadaadtivadity and arguadments and fights often result and the real issue is lost in the batadtle. This is usuadally the prodaduct of inteadrior wounds from the past that have not been healed. We should ask God for the gift of underadstandading. Getadting out of ouradselves and tryading to underadstand why the other peradson would make such a comadment often difadfuses (gets rid of) the impulse we have to respond with aggresadsion. Also to underadstand why we ouradselves respond with aggresadsion over litadtle issues. The secadond issue is fear which has been called the mind-killer. It is called a mind-killer because it often paradaadlyzes our mind from its capacadity to respond to a threatadenading sitaduadaadtion. It is good to recadogadnize that we are often fearadfull so that we can pray for courage to face the sitaduadaadtion at hand and not over-react or under-react. When we start feelading fear, many panic and thereby loose conadtact with reaadson and make unforadtuadnate deciadsions in what to do or not to do. We need to pray for courage so that we can have enough peace to think clearly and then act upon the deciadsion we make while thinkading clearly.Finally, foradgiveadness. When there is much anger and fear there is often a lack of foradgivading involved. Jesus was born of the Jewadish race which was and is full of anger and fear. They have always had fearce eneadmies and many have seriadous difadfiadculty foradgivading espeadcially with the arab nations. I rememadber being in the Holy Land in 2000 when I asked a Musadlim if he thought there could be peace between the Jews and the Arabs. He told me, “Never! The Koran says that there will be eteradnal enmity between the two races.” Isnb4t that sad news! Jesus comadmands us to foradgive our eneadmies in the only prayer that He taught and which is in the Bible (the Our Father). Jesus not only thought it was posadsiadble, He comadmanded us to do it. I find that the foladlowading prayer helps when peoadple think its imposadsiadble to foradgive. First, one should unite with Jesus in the Cross. We, through Bapadtism are one Body with Him. Thus, being with Him, we can let Him pray in and with us so that our prayers will be assured to have power which we may not have peradsonadally. Once we unite ouradselves with Him we can say (pray) with him, “Father foradgive them, they know not what they do.” A very short, powaderadfull and libaderadatading prayer.May God Bless you always,Fr.a0Isaac http://xhjoxjrtuaj.com [url=http://tjpqvrjb.com]tjpqvrjb[/url] [link=http://xzzjijgzhu.com]xzzjijgzhu[/link]

2013-10-30 00:58:11
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A brief guide to what to look out for on a good Christian website:-

1. Check to see if the site has a "statement of faith", or "articles of faith" (and read it!). This is a good way to determine whether or not the site is rooted in mainstream Christianity or is a cult based faith.

2. Does the site have a contact page? Without a contact page you have no way of contacting the author or webmaster should you have any questions about the content on the site.

3. Christian articles on websites about matters of faith should always refer or allude to the scriptures. The origins of Christianity are recorded in the bible, and hence the bible is the main reference point for any discussion about doctrine or Christian belief.

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