lords prayer words - traditional and contemporary prayers

The Lord's Prayer Online
various resources about the 'Our Father'

Christus Rex - Convent of Pater Noster
A truely remarkable site - The Lord's Prayer in 1438 languages and dialects!

The Prayer Guide
The Lords Prayer with teaching and prayer responses

An In-depth Bible Study on the Lord's Prayer
Fascinating insights into the 'Our Father' prayer, including commentary on the prayer in the context of Matthew's Gospel (aimed at the Jewish Christians in Antioch, who were probably quite rich) and context of Luke's Gospel (with a baise to the poor and dispossessed). Both scriptures are used as starting points for group bible study and thought-provoking questions. Discover why the writer considers that we now enjoy an adult relationship with God, rather than considering ourselves 'Children of God' (the writing of St Paul in 1 Corinthians 13:11 is used as evidence to show that we now experience adult-parent relationship with God). Based on the book, 'Praying the Lord’s Prayer: An Ageless Prayer For Today' by Herman C. Waetjen.

The Nazarene Way of Essenic Studies
Translations from Aramaic, Origins and History of The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer
The Our Father in just about every language you can think of - from Dutch to Afrikaan, Bavarian to Italian, Old Norse to Yiddish - and a whole lot more ! A project that welcomes contributions of different versions of The Lord's Prayer.

Sacred Texts
Various versions of the Lord's Prayer in 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th Century English. Also the Our Father in Latin.

The Lord's Prayer in English
An online resource with The Lords Prayer in various stages of the English language. Featuring the Lord's Prayer in Old English (from the Exeter Book), Middle English (Wycliffe's translation), Early Mordern English (with versions from the Book of Common Prayer, and the Geneva Bible) and The Lord's Prayer in Late Modern English (from the New Testament in Modern English and Alba House New Testament).

All About Prayer
A Lord's Prayer devotion. Thought provoking commentary and responses to the Our Father, in a line-by-line format.

Quote about the Lord's Prayer

Go where your best prayers take you

Frederick Buechner American writer and theologian, b.1926