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Parent's Prayer for Children

This page has three prayers you can pray for your children's wellbeing, happiness and protection. There is a short daily prayer for parents to say, an ancient Celtic prayer for the home, and finally a family prayer asking for God's protection and leading.

a parent's prayer for their children

Heavenly Father,

Help me to trust you to look after my children,
A piece of my heart is with them always.
You have watched over them from their first moments.
You created them so perfectly.
They are such a gift.
Help me to love and care for them.
Cover my mistakes with forgiveness and grace.
Lead us as a family to build our relationships
Upon the foundation of your hope and truth.


(a short prayer for parents from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

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Celtic Prayer for the home

An ancient prayer for the protection of your family home
house blessing prayer

Prayer for my family

(a prayer suitable for a parent to pray for the wellbeing and protection of their children)

Lord be besides us, every day
Guiding and leading us gently always.
Lord be above us, help us to see
The hope of the future, of all we could be.
Lord be beneath us, carry us when
We’re too shattered or tired to really have strength.
Lord be ahead of us, smoothing our paths
Protecting and blessing the places we pass.
Lord be behind us, healing our wounds,
Forgiving our mistakes and making us new.
Jesus, be within us, this family is yours
Now and forever, you are our Lord.

(a contemporary prayer poem by Julie Palmer copyright © 2019 www.lords-prayer-words.com)

Prayer for my Children

Julie Palmer from Prayerscapes leads us in an uplifting prayer for the protection and safety of your children:-

child praying

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There are many things that are essential to arriving at true peace of mind, and one of the most important is faith, which cannot be acquired without prayer.

John Wooden

Prayer for my Family

The words of the above prayer form the basis of this beautiful video:-