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Prayer for Peace and Comfort

Gathered together on this page are four beautiful prayers for those who are currently going through a hard time, whether this be in mourning the passing of a loved one or some other type of life tragedy. There is an uplifting prayer for peace and comfort, and a heartfelt prayer for comfort in loss for those grieving. There is also a prayer for strength for a friend, and an inspiring short video for receiving God's hope in the midst of a difficult time. May you know God's peace and presence as you pray and come before Him now.

Prayer for peace and comfort

(a prayer reminding us of God’s promises when hurting or in a difficult place in life)

Come dress me Lord in comfort.

Give me new shoes, so that my feet might tread steadily across this difficult life terrain.
Give me new clothes, so that my vulnerability is covered, my soul protected at this turbulent time.
Give me a new crown, perfect to my size, unique and real, one that reminds me of who I am in this season.

Come shower me Lord with peace.
Cleanse me with grace, may it fall softly upon each moment, bringing restoration in these harsh days.

Come shower me Lord with peace.
Refresh me with hope, may clean dew pour into every shadow of despair that I endure.

Come shower me Lord with peace.
Refill me with faith, may it overflow in my soul and rise high in my heart.

Lord, thank you that you are my comfort and my peace.


(a prayer for peace from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

Comforting Bible Verse

God's promise of restoration to those who are brokenhearted:-
bible prayer for comfort

Prayer for comfort in loss

(a prayer for those grieving the loss of a loved one that has died)

Abba Father, Creator of all, hide me, cover me, enfold me under your great arms of love. I lay before you my humanity, the inconsolable grief, loss and separation I feel in the loss of my loved one. Show me Lord how to find light in this darkness, remind me of the promise of Heaven and eternal life.

Here in your love I will dwell, I will abide, I will wait.
I listen for the sounds of new life from the birds in the sky.
I look for the first shoots from the dormant bulbs, long forgotten in the earth.
I smell the fragrance of fruit that was once a small seed, now a tree laden.
I touch the stream of water that once floated in the sky and fell as sheets of rain.

The world you created is full of life, brimming with renewal and transformation.
Here in your love I will dwell, I will abide, I will wait.

(a prayer for help from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

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Prayer for strength for a friend

(a prayer for someone who is going through a hard time)

God be surrounding you, his peace be yours,
Amidst this great storm you’re safe in his arms.
God be above you, his lighthouse will shine,
Rays of pure kingdom light gently down.

God be behind you, with waves that will cleanse,
Sweeping away hurt to new life again.
God be beneath you, your bare feet will tread
Upon softest grace sand wherever you’re led.

God be beside you, you walk hand in hand,
Filling your mind with new colours and plans.
God be within you, restoring your soul,
With breezes of healing and eternities gold.

(a prayer for a friend from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

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How to Receive God's Peace

A beautiful guided meditation for receiving the peace of God in your heart and mind:-

Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark.

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)

Comfort me with Your love O God

Comfort me with Your love O God
Wrap me up in Your strong embrace
Shelter me from the storm O Lord
Envelop me in Your tender care

By day I pour out my heartbreak to You
By night I give you my racing thoughts

In You I take refuge
In You I will not be afraid
For you hold me strong, You hold me safe

Calm my fearful heart O God
Still my anxious mind O Lord

For all my life is found in You
All my being is given to You
All my hope begins in You

(a modern prayer about Gods comfort from www.lords-prayer-words.com)