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Short Prayers for Children

Featured on this page are four short prayers to say with your children. There is a prayer suitable for closing a class or Sunday school lesson with, a morning prayer to say with your child and a fun prayer for nursery aged children. We begin with a "thank you" prayer for young children to say:-

A short prayer for young children

a prayer suitable for young children to say

Dear God,

You made me,
To jump for joy,
To sing happy songs,
To run fast,
To climb high,
To spin and twirl.

You made me
To dance with excitement,
To clap with thanks,
To laugh lots,
To shout loud,
To be a brilliant me!

(a short prayer for children from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

A simple children's prayer

(a prayer to God for those we love. Suitable to use as a closing prayer for class or sunday school).

Dear God,

Please look after our mummies and daddies,
Our brothers and sisters,
Our grandmas and granddads,
Our friends and neighbours,
Our teachers and carers.
Help us to care for all the people we love.


(a children's prayer from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

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a prayer for older children
(a short prayer suitable to pray in the morning with your children)

Dear God,

Every day is new
With exciting experiences ahead.
Every day is new
With yesterdays hurts forgiven.
Every day is new
With disappointment fading away.
Every day is new
Because you cause the sun to rise
And our hopes to soar
As your light floods into our hearts
And gives new life.

(a short children's prayer from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

child praying

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God has two dwellings; one in heaven, and the other in a meek and thankful heart.

(Izaak Walton)

a prayer for a fun day

(a prayer suitable for toddlers or nursery school children)

We pray today would be a fun day
With silly jokes,
Climbing and running,
Singing and dancing,
Learning and playing,
Jumping and resting!

(a short prayer for preschool children from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

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