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Prayers for children

This page features a number of inspiring prayers that you can pray with your children, whether this is in the home or out at school or church. There are short prayers suitable for the morning and bedtime, prayers for children to read outloud in a school assembly or church service, and a blessing to say before meals. There are also links to prayers for special times of the year such as Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving. We begin with a simple nightime prayer for kids:-

Hi, it’s me!

A short bedtime prayer to say with your child

Hi, it’s me, just come to pray
And thank you for a fun filled day!
You’ve been with me, so I know you’ve seen
All the great exciting things.
But also when I’m sad or cross
I know you love me, no matter what!
So help me rest and go to sleep
And feel the peace of your love for me.


(A children's prayer from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

School Prayer

school prayer

follow this link for more prayers for the classroom, including five creative ideas for teaching children how to pray.

Prayer for children to say in church

Father in heaven,

We thank you for the amazing, beautiful world you created. Help us to care for it.
We thank you for the wonderful, unique people you have made us to be. Help us to care for one another.
We thank you for the incredible, tasty foods you have invented. Help us remember and care for those who are hungry.
We thank you for the inspiring stories and teaching in the bible. Help us to share this good news with people everywhere.


(a modern prayer for children from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

follow this link for two inspiring prayers for children to say in sunday school class.

Prayer for children to say in school

Dear Father,

We pray our school will be filled with love
We pray our learning will be full of truth
We pray our playground will be full of joy
We pray our friendships will be full of forgiveness

We pray our teachers will be full of wisdom
We pray our community will be full of hope

May we run with your love
Build on your truth
Play with your joy
Share your forgiveness
Rest in your wisdom
Every day


(a modern school prayer from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

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Dinner Prayer for Children

Dear God,

Thank you for this day,
For fun, friendship and family.
We give thanks for this meal
And share our lives always with you.

(a children's grace prayer from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

read more grace prayers to say before meal times with your children.

child eating food

Prayer For the Care of Children

Almighty God, heavenly Father,
you have blessed us with the joy and care of children:
Give us calm strength and patient wisdom as we bring them up,
that we may teach them to love whatever is just and true and good,
following the example of our Savior Jesus Christ.


(source: The 1979 Book of Common Prayer of the Protestant Episcopal Church, U.S.A.)

a children's prayer for the day ahead

Dear Father God,

Help me to hear you today.
To hear your joy in the birds songs.
To hear your heart in the chattery voices
To hear your voice in the quiet
Help me to hear you today.


(a modern prayer from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

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The Lord's Prayer for Children

Cheeky Monkey is a fun puppet that helps children learn about prayer. In this episode, he is asked what the Lord's prayer means, and leads us in a simple version for children to say:-

click here for a free lesson on teaching the Lord's prayer to children

Prayers through the seasons

Follow the links for more children's prayers on this site:-

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Mother's Day

two prayers for Mothering Sunday, with prayers for young and older children.

Father's Day

with two modern prayers for children to say or write in a card for Father's Day.


featuring a link to a craft activity and resources on "Morning has Broken"

Thanksgiving Prayer

with a short prayer of thanks to God for children to say

Advent Prayers

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Christmas Prayers

featuring resources on 'Away in a Manager' and a prayer for children

Thank You Prayer for Children

Thank you for my family,
For hugs and kisses and special times together.

Thank you for my friends,
For laughter and chatting and sharing.

Thank you for my home,
For rest times, bath times and bed times.

Thank you for food,
For breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks and treats.

Thank you for playtimes,
For toys and games and books.

Thank you for fun,
For giggles and for silly happy times.

Thank you for making all these lovely things
And for helping me to enjoy them all.


(a prayer for children from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

This Section of the Website

Gathered together in this section are several prayers suitable for children to say, either at home with their parents, or for use in school or church. Here you'll find some good morning and bedtime prayers, a page with four short and simple christian children's prayers, as well as the prayers listed below on this page.

For parents, there are two pages with prayers you can pray for your children and their protection, and page with prayers for when your child leaves home for college or university.

And for teachers, there is an extensive amount of prayers you can teach your students to say, including prayers before and after class and prayers for school assemblies.

more family and children's prayers...

here are links to some wonderfully inspired prayers to aid your journey