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Prayers for Losing Weight

Many of us can feel overwhelmed by the ease that we have in putting on weight, or the difficulty we find in losing it. We often feel unnecessarily guilty in a society that does not recognise that each of us has different rates of metabolism and different types of genetic inheritance. Alongside this we are surrounded by a mixture of media influences that put unreal expectations upon us all. Food can then become a comfort and fill the spaces in our lives left by disappointment, loneliness or grief.

With God's love working deeply in our hearts we can begin to love ourselves again. We can allow this transformation in our lives to flow out of us, giving us strength, courage, and hope. Changing the way we view food and eating can release us into everything God desires us to be in our heart, mind, body and spirit.

Prayer for weight loss

Only you have journeyed closely besides me though my life,
Seeing the heartache I have felt as I have battled daily with my weight.
As I come before you now, please touch my body and correct the metabolism rate.
Bring restoration to my whole being, bringing new balance and wellbeing.
Cover me with love as I seek to cope with a poor self image. Help me to love myself.
Bring wisdom and truth to my mind, and help me to plan my daily food and to enjoy it.
Give me energy as I exercise more and become more fit,
And bless my efforts with sustainable weight loss.
Father, I long to be free of this difficulty in my life,
I look to you, you are my supporter, my comforter and my helper.
Thank you for your constant love.


(a prayer for dieting from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

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Short Prayer for Weight Loss

Encouraging words to pray daily as you diet:-

a short prayer for weight loss and healthy dieting

Bible verse

here's a scripture worth meditating on and remembering as you seek to loss weight:-

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

Phil 4:13, (NLT)

The Serenity Prayer

Here is a short famous prayer that you can pray daily as you seek to lose weight:-

serenity prayer

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Daily diet prayer

Lord, please bless my efforts to lose weight today.
Help me to keep the vision of being lighter and fitter.
Watch over me as I seek to monitor all I eat.
Help me to enjoy food and to love and care for myself as I diet.


(a daily prayer for losing weight from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

A Prayer for the Morning

Remember that no matter how successful you are in your weight loss program, you will always carry something of God's love, peace and joy into the world everyday:-

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