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Prayer to save a marriage

Gathered together on this page are four prayers for those who are currently going through a hard time in their marriage, and possibly contemplating divorce. To begin with, there is a heartfelt prayer to save a marriage in trouble. This is followed by a beautiful prayer for marriage protection entitled "Lord be our Light". There is also a prayer for healing a broken relationship, and a short covering prayer you can say for your family. May the God of all comfort uplift and encourage you as you pray now.

A prayer to save a marriage

(a prayer asking God to help a marriage in difficulty and in danger of divorce)

Father God,

Thank you that your promises are true and that you are with us. You love us, you care for us. We confess to you the brokenness we feel about our relationship. We know you see us clearly, you walk with us in good times and through harsh places. So many things seem to be difficult in our marriage. We come into conflict so easily. We no longer feel safe, secure or hopeful about our union. Please show us by your spirit where to start on mending the bond between us. Help us to begin by seeing how we can find forgiveness and trust again. Lord, come shine your love like a light into our hearts. Help us to peel away the pressures, the disappointments, the resentments and to rediscover each other.

Please lead us into a new season, where the flame of our love is rekindled, and hope stirs in our hearts for a bright and beautiful future together.

In Jesus name,


(a marriage prayer from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

Prayer for Strength and Hope

A prayer for hope to return where circumstances have become hard:-

Prayer for marriage protection

("Lord be our Light")

Lord be our light
When the darkness seeps in,
Brighten our days with the power of praise.
Lord be our light.

Lord be our shield
When the arrows of hurt tear us down
Help us to hold a covering of gold.
Lord be our shield.

Lord be our hope
When despair starts to rise
Keep us afloat, blow the sails of our heart.
Lord be our hope.

Lord be our sight
When confusion ensnares,
Free us to see, to hold onto our dreams.
Lord be our sight.

Lord, come be our light,
Our shield, our hope and our sight.
For in you we trust
In you we arise.

(a prayer of protection from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

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Family Prayer Blessing

An inspiring prayer appropriate for giving as a blessing to a family loved one:-
family prayer blessing

Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, (1809-1894)

prayer for healing a relationship

(for reconciliation and restoration)

Nothing is outside of your redemptive grace O Lord.
Everything that is broken is restorable by your loving hands.
From darkness to light
From sorrow to joy
From death to life -
I ask that you would encompass our relationship with your love.
Take each fragment and bring restoration, forgiveness and reconciliation.
In you everything is possible.
We trust in you
We look to you
We work with you
For peace.


(a prayer for relational reconciliation from www.lords-prayer-words.com)