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Prayer for healing for a friend

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This page brings together several prayers to help with praying for somebody who is currently ill, with a short request to God for healing for a friend, a contemporary prayer poem entitled "Come Create Healing in Me" (for restoration and recovery from sickness), and prayer for a sick loved one and an inspiring video for a friend who is currently going through a difficult time. May you know God's presence and leading as you intercede for them now.

Prayer for healing for a friend

(a prayer blessing for recovery from sickness)

O Lord my creator,

You are the author, the maker, the keeper of life.
You hold everything, you are all love poured out.
You have blessed my friend with the wonder of medicine, the skills of the doctors and nurses, and love of friends and family.

Thank you.

Please complete your restoration work within them now. I pray that you would bring them back to full health and fitness. Father, come breathe in new life, new hope, new dreams and promises into their hearts, minds, body and soul.

In the name of Jesus,


(a prayer for restoration from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

Come Create Healing In Me

(a prayer poem for healing and recovery)

Father, creator of heaven and earth,
Come create healing in me.
I drink in the warmth of your sunlight,
I rest in the beauty I see.

I lie down to sleep in the wings of your love,
I rise to the bird song of hope.
Help me to hear you, to know of your care,
I draw ever closer to you.

Father, redeemer, my Lord and my friend,
Come cleanse my heart and my mind.
I drink in your words, your promises true,
I eat from your table, such goodness I find.

I lay all my burdens before you,
I want to be carried by grace.
I know that you’ve held me through each darkest night,
I know in your presence I’m safe.

Father, my Father I call on your name,
I ask for complete restoration in you.
I stand free and wait, for a touch from your hand,
A wonderful blessing, a page that is new.

(a prayer for healing from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

a prayer for healing

a beautiful blessing suitable for sending to an ill friend:-
prayer for the sick

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a traditional prayer for healing

N., I lay my hands upon you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, beseeching our Lord Jesus Christ to sustain you with his presence,
to drive away all sickness of body and spirit,
and to give you that victory of life and peace which will enable you to serve him both now and evermore.


(Source: 1979 Book of Common Prayer, Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA)

Short Prayer for a Sick Friend

O Lord of Heaven and Earth,
I draw near to you, secure in your holy presence.
I know you hear my prayers.
My heart breaks to see my friend in such pain and sadness.
I pray in the mighty name of Jesus for them now.

Come and comfort them, hold them and keep them in this hard time.
Come and bring restoration, renewal and healing in their body.
Come and breathe your hope, life and truth into their minds.
Dear Father, please guide my prayers and thoughts today,
So that I might be led by you to love and care for them.
In the name of Jesus,


(prayer from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

A Prayer for a Friend

An inspiring prayer for those who are going through a difficult time, that they may know God's restoration and strength:-