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Father's Day Prayer

Most nations celebrate Father's day on the third Sunday in June (such as U.S.A., U.K. and Canada), although some countries also celebrate this day at other times of the year. For a full list of dates, please see this guide.

This page has four modern prayers for fathers. The first prayer is suitable for use in a church service or meeting and reflects on the many different stages of "fatherhood", asking for God's blessing on them. There is also a prayer for strength for all fathers, and two prayer messages that children can write and give to their dads in cards on Father's day:-

Father’s Day Prayer

(a prayer for all father's, suitable for use in a church service or meeting)

Lord, thank you for all fathers.
For the new ones, who endure sleepless nights with infants in arms.
For the busy ones, who juggle the pressures of home and family life.
For the steadfast ones, who nurture and care for our special vulnerable children.
For the patient ones, who always seek to forgive and engage with their pre-teens.
For the persistent ones, who cleverly find new ways to connect with their mini-adults.
For the father uncles, who step in to cradle and care for nieces and nephews.
For all granddads, who love and support their precious grandchildren.
For the foster dads that are called to gather and cover the fragile ones.
For the Sunday dads who care for our children and lead them in faith.
For the dads who give far beyond their own resources, who overcome disability to cherish and love.

Thank you Lord for all our beautiful fathers. Help us to support them and keep them in our prayers. May you bless them now on this their special day.


(a Father's Day prayer from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

Short Prayer for Strength for all Father’s

Lord, thank you that you are with us as we father,
For you know us, love us and care for us.
May we learn to rest in your care,
And to lean on you as we give out to our children.
May we know your peace in the chaos,
Your truth in the challenge,
And your hope in the hardship.

(a prayer for fathers from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

A Prayer for My Daddy

(a short Father's Day prayer suitable for young children to write or say about their dad)

Dear God,

Thank you for my daddy.
He looks after me, plays with me,
Listens to me and makes me laugh.
He works very hard and sometimes he gets tired.

Please give him good sleep.
Help him to rest.
Give him happy times and lots of hugs and kisses.


(a Father's Day prayer for young children from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

child praying

A family that prays together stays together.


Father's Day Prayer

(a simple prayer for older children to say or write as a message in a card)

Father's Day Prayer

Thank you for my dad.
He works so hard to take care of me.
Help me to be more thoughtful of him,
To notice when he's tired, and be kind and helpful.
Help me to cheer him up with hugs and humour when he's down,
To give to him, and not always take from him,
To listen to his worries and do nice things for him.

He is a great dad.
Please, look after him,
Help him at work,
Help him to rest,
And give him health and happiness every day.


(a Father's Day prayer from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

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