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Prayer for Traveling Grace

This page has a number of comforting prayers for those about travel, whether this be across oceans wide, through the skies by plane or even for just a short road trip. There is an uplifting prayer for traveling grace ("Grace and Peace Enfold You"), a short prayer for traveling mercies, and an inspiring prayer message for a safe trip. May you know God's peace and security as you prepare for your journey now.

Grace and Peace Enfold You

Grace and peace enfold you,
Wrapping you so safe.
Grace and peace within your heart,
Go lightly on your way.
Grace and peace in every thought,
Rest in perfect love.
Grace and peace within your soul,
A blessing from above.

Grace and peace be on your lips,
Sing out songs of hope.
Grace and peace be in your ears,
Listen for God’s voice.
Grace and peace be in your sight,
Let beauty fill your sails.
Grace and peace will hold your hand,
And always keep you safe.

Grace and peace before you,
Grace and peace behind.
Grace and peace above you,
Grace and peace beside.
Grace and peace through Jesus Christ,
Will always be your truth.
Grace and peace a gift of joy,
Travelling with you.

(a blessing for travelers by Julie Palmer © 2018 www.lords-prayer-words.com)

A Prayer for Travelers

a prayer for a safe journey

Prayer for traveling mercies

(a prayer for protection & safety when I travel)

Dear Father God,

Please protect me on this journey,
Encircle me with the blessing of heaven.
Carry me safely to my destination,
Lead me onwards and hold me secure.
I trust in you as I travel.

I rest in your love.


(a prayer for safe travel from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

Prayer for a Safe Journey

An uplifting prayer for watching before setting out on a journey, asking for the Lord's protection and peace of mind:-

The eternal God is your refuge, and his everlasting arms are under you.

Psalm 121:1-4, (BBE)

Short prayer for safety & protection

Come and embrace me Lord
Hold me secure
Hold me strong
Hold me forever
In Your everlasting arms

(a modern prayer for safety & protection from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

Prayer for Protection

A beautiful prayer asking for the care and love of God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit:-