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Prayers for Students

Gathered together on this page are a number of prayers for students. Here you’ll find a prayer suitable as a focus for praying for a student, as well as St Thomas Aquinas’s popular “Students Prayer” which you may find helpful if you are studying at the moment:-

Prayer for a Student

Lord, we pray for the protection of (name).
We ask that you would guard their heart and their mind in Christ Jesus.
That you would wrap them up in Your love,
And deliver them from all evil.

Lord, we pray that you would give (name) great enthusiasm for their studies.
May you inspire them each and everyday.
May each seminar and class bring fresh inspiration to their work.
May each moment be filled with the energy they need for their tasks.

Lord, we pray that (name) would know the hope to which they are called.
That their life would be transformed by revelation from Heaven.
That You would inspire their direction
And gently lead them into their destiny.

Lord, we especially pray for (name’s) friends at college.
May they come to know Your goodness and love,
To walk in Your freedom and grace
All the days of their life.


(a modern prayer for college students from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

Ancient Irish Blessing

a traditional Celtic blessing suitable for sending to a student away at college or about to leave home for university:-

Irish Blessing

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All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.

Lawrence of Arabia, Thomas Edward Lawrence (1885-1932), writer and British army officer

Catholic Prayer for Students

Student's Prayer

(By St. Thomas Aquinas)

Creator of all things, true source of light and wisdom,
origin of all being,
graciously let a ray of your light penetrate
the darkness of my understanding.

Take from me the double darkness
in which I have been born,
an obscurity of sin and ignorance.

Give me a keen understanding,
a retentive memory, and
the ability to grasp things correctly and fundamentally.

Grant me the talent of being exact
in my explanations and the ability to express myself
with thoroughness and charm.

Point out the beginning,
direct the progress,
and help in the completion.

I ask this through Christ our Lord.


Thomas Aquinas was a 13th Century Italian Priest. He is most famous for his writings on natural theology – a form of theology that is based on experience and reasoning (rather than revealed theology – formed from scripture and spiritual experiences). He has had a considerable impact on the thinking and theology of the Catholic Church.

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Prayer for Students

An uplifting prayer with inspiring music and images asking for God's guidance, protection and inspiration for students whilst they study:-

Short prayer for students

O Eternal God, bless all schools, colleges, and universities
[and especially __________], that they may be lively centers for
sound learning, new discovery, and the pursuit of wisdom;
and grant that those who teach and those who learn may find
you to be the source of all truth; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


(Source: "Prayer for Schools and Colleges", The 1979 Book of Common Prayer, Episcopal Church of America)

Prayer for a Student

A short prayer which a student can pray whilst away at college or university:-
(read the words to this modern prayer here at living-prayers.com)

Prayer support for students at university
If you are a Christian, then you are a student of Christ. The word “disciple” means to be a pupil (of a teacher). In this way, we are all students. However, there are times when we may set aside a large amount of time in our lives to immerse ourselves in study. This usually happens to use when we are young and decide to go to college or university, although sometimes this can also happen at a later stage in our life.

When a family member moves away to university, they face a number of challenges that they may never have experienced before. In the space of twenty four hours, everything will have changed for them – where they live, what they do, who they know. Whilst many of these things will be tremendously exciting, there also many dangers. For example, alcohol in moderation can help to relax us, but in excess can be damaging and addictive. It is in this context that praying for students is especially important.

Prayer for Guidance and Direction

A short prayer with some beautiful images and tranquil music:-

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