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Reconciliation Prayer

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This page offers several prayers for when relationships have become difficult or enstranged, with a prayer for the reconciliation of a marriage relationship that is broken, and a prayer for the reuniting of family life where is there is discord or disagreement. There is also an inspiring prayer video for couples to watch and a beautiful prayer for peace.

Reconciliation prayer

(a prayer for the restoration of a relationship)

Dear Father,

I am heartbroken, for our love and bond has been shattered and scattered into little pieces across the landscape of our lives. Hopes and dreams lie broken, ties of intimacy and trust are fractured, and the pathway of our lives has been changed. There is no return to all that we held together before.

Yet we come before you, knowing that you love and care for each fragment of our lives, that in you there is nothing that cannot be restored, mended or re-made. So help us Lord to gather these fragments – the memories shared, the combined loves and passions and the grace that was built into our relationship. Show us dear Lord how to restore each area of our relationship, how to use your love and grace to mend and build a new union. Re-weave these ties of romance, of connection, of shared dreams and visions back into a new strength. And help us to keep the most wonderful parts of “us”. Help us to sift out the rejection, the disappointments, the fears, the hurts and the regrets. May we leave these things in your hands, at the foot of the cross, and build only with Kingdom treasure. Give us the patience, faith and tenacity to trust that in you we can be made new.

Today is a new page,
Our story is yet to be written,
We place our trust in you.


(a prayer for reconciliation in a relationship from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

Prayer for Couples

Watch a beautiful prayer for success for your relationship (the words to this prayer are reproduced further down this page):-

Prayer for reconciliation with family members

God of love,

You are love, pure love, unconditional love, powerful love, redeeming love! I ask for your love to be poured into me, as I seek reconciliation in my family life. May it overflow minute by minute, bringing great forgiveness, wisdom and strength to overcome.

You are grace, amazing grace, everlasting grace, abundant grace, endless grace!
I ask for your grace to be all around me, seeping into every facet of my heart, mind and body as I seek to rebuild my relationship with my family. May it abound minute by minute, bringing great freedom, promise and strength to embrace.

You are hope, living hope, breathing hope, soaring hope, powerful hope, rising hope!
I ask for your hope to be growing in me, as I seek to be reconciled with my family. May it take flight minute by minute bringing great vision, passion and inspiration to reunite.
God of love, grace and hope, please move through me I pray.


(a family prayer from www.lords-prayer-words.com)

read more prayers for reconciliation including a prayer for marriage restoration after adultery.

Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Peace

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Ephesians 4:32 (NIV)

Prayer for marriage protection

("Lord be our Light")

Lord be our light
When the darkness seeps in,
Brighten our days with the power of praise.
Lord be our light.

Lord be our shield
When the arrows of hurt tear us down
Help us to hold a covering of gold.
Lord be our shield.

Lord be our hope
When despair starts to rise
Keep us afloat, blow the sails of our heart.
Lord be our hope.

Lord be our sight
When confusion ensnares,
Free us to see, to hold onto our dreams.
Lord be our sight.

Lord, come be our light,
Our shield, our hope and our sight.
For in you we trust
In you we arise.

(a prayer of protection from www.lords-prayer-words.com)